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Madre Mia

Greñuda pero Fierce Hair and Nail Support

Greñuda pero Fierce Hair and Nail Support

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Daily Dose

Burdock root – 700mg

Gingko leaf – 200mg

Aloe vera extract – 200mg

Horsetails – 400mg

Stinging Nettle – 300mg

Biotin – 5mg


 La Ciencia - Science of Components

Burdock root – a healthy liver is crucial for healthy hair. Burdock root stimulates the liver to destroy and expel hair-thinning toxins.

Ginkgo leaf – compounds in gingko leaf have been shown to increase production of the body’s hormones that stimulate hair follicles to grow more hair.

Aloe Vera – contains vitamins A, B12, C, E and also folic acid. All three of these vitamins support hair follicle health, stimulating proper hair growth 

Horsetails – compounds in horsetails have been shown to help hair growth through three different mechanisms:
  1. Blocking the hormone responsible for stopping hair growth
  2. Protecting hair follicles from damage due to free radicals
  3. Naturally open the potassium channels into hair follicles, necessary for prop er hair growth
Stinging nettle  – contains compounds which
  1. Stimulate growth of hair follicles
  2. Increases the body’s hair growth hormone
  3. Rich in the vitamin A, necessary for hair growth 

Biotin – this is a critical component in the enzymatic process responsible healthy hair.

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