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Madre Mia

Échale Ganas Mood & Stress Support

Échale Ganas Mood & Stress Support

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Say adios to your inner chillona and Hola to your inner Chingona... after a good cry it's time to wash your face, put on your tacones, and remember you're Fuerte and Inteligente, por que como dice tu MAMA, ay mucho que hacer mijita!


Daily Dose

Ashwaganda Extract – 350mg

Chamomile – 300mg

L Theanine – 200mg

Kava Kava – 150mg

Lemon Balm Extract – 150mg

5HTP – 100mg

Magnesium Glycinate – 100mg


La Sciencia -

Science of Components

Ashwagandha Extract – studies have shown that it contains stress and anxiety relieving properties, helps regularize menstrual cycle. May also help with focus and memory function. 

Chamomile – has shown to have great benefits, including reducing menstrual pain, and helping with sleep and relaxation.

L Theanine – Promotes mental focus, improve sleep and relaxation.

Kava Kava – Helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Lemon Balm Extract  – helps boost cognitive function and reduce stress and anxiety, help minimize menstrual cramps.

5HTP – increases serotonin levels, to help with depression and anxiety.

Magnesium Glycinate – relieves anxiety, and reduces symptoms of PMS.


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